Nine to Five? Monotonous life? Feel stuck? Love travelling?
I was in the same soup few months ago. I knew travelling and getting some fresh air could help me so I turned into a temporary Nomad. I packed my bag and left for a weekend solo trip. And I didn’t return as the same person as I had gone. I was someone who had never ventured out into the wild and never really challenged myself. I always tried to fit into the crowd and never really lived on the edge. Traveling made me experience life much more deeply. Perspectives changed for the better. I spent the next few months wanting to share this invigorating feeling with others. I wanted my friends and their friends to experience what I did. I started talking to people about taking trips and realized that there are some common pain points: 1) No money 2) No time 3) No group 4) No plan.

I brought together my passion for travelling and sharing, to create Nomadify. We at Nomadify, bring together love and resources to help you take your next hassle free weekend trip and do just about everything to ensure it turns out to be a blissful experience.

I hope you #Nomadify!

Chief Nomadifier

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