We understand how tempting escapes are, and so we make it our passion to get you the best experiences. Nomadify is going to Wayanad for a divine experience that will leave the traveler in you craving for more.

We are not giving you an itinerary , but an experience.
Still, a short plan

Day 0 (29 Sept): Pickup from Bangalore
Day 1-3 (30 Sept to 2 Oct): Forget the regular life and enjoy Wayanad.
Day 3 (2 Oct): Evening 5pm, start for Bangalore.

But every journey only ends when you want it to.

Cost per person: rs. 7800 (All inclusive)


-Visit a bamboo nursery, a workshop & see how bamboo is cut n processed.
– Muthunga wildlife sanctuary for a jeep safari.
– SpeedBoating in Banasura Sagar Dam
– Wonderment at Eddakal Caves
– Walk through random fields & forests.
– Indulge in local cuisine,local snacks & local drink-toddy
– Visit koilery a place from where kabini river flows.
– Zilpline & paddle boat at Pookod lake

For Details-
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